First flight – BIG kids magazine is born

I imagine a magazine that will open a tiny door to the secret worlds we have all visited; childhood. I want to publish the breadcrumb trails that lead to the imaginary characters they play with and to share the adventures they travel on under the homemade cubby houses around the world.
This is the place that will chronical and reveal the imagining, process and practicalities toward the birth of this baby

And so now we set out on the first flight. Two grown ups at the departure lounge on opposite sides of the country. Ready for take off into invented worlds and imaginary characters who will pop out of folded pages and lead into secret landings.

on Oct 24, 2010


  • by EmmaK


    Hi I’ve popped over from the weekend rewind! Sounds like a wonderful magazine. Check out my book Cocktails at Naptime

  • by MultipleMum


    It sounds very exciting and fun! Enter at own risk? Thanks for Rewinding x

  • by Life In A Pink Fibro


    Great to see where it all began!

    Visiting from the Rewind.

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