Questions to ask the little people in your life

What was your first word?

What things would you pack in your backpack for a great adventure?
What superpower would you choose?
How many kids will you have?
What will you call them?

Who do you love?

how would you order time.

on Oct 24, 2010

Colour and kindness

My mother was a folk singer, and by the fire in Albany, Western Australia, my brother and I would listen and fall to sleep to the songs…”You know it’s red and yellow, blue and green, the prettiest thing I have ever seen…you know it’s red and yellow, blue and green, lord this world treats a little child mean…”

Some children have less colour grace their worlds than most. BIG hopes to help add to the rainbow of these particular lives through our support of …

My eldest child’s favourite colour is green. His little brothers is blue. Their little sisters colour, according to the boys, is pink. As a 10month old though, she is yet to decide. As am I. If pressed I’d say duck egg blue, or the palest green.

The colour issue will invite associational responses to colour.

on Oct 24, 2010

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