Announcing Pozzible things

A start for when/IF we point to Pozzible/Kickstarrter crowdfunding site
Yep you heard it, we are missing the very final detail to our grand plan. Money.
I think people think we are already some kind of mini-corporation with tonnes of cash but really we just have our pocket-money savings and need to receive a magic cheque to get this mag to a newsagent/gallery stand near you! If you have any bright ideas, now is the time to share them. Seriously. We have resisted arts grants for the magazine as we both utilise those frames for our ongoing artistic practice and see this not as another arts project, but as a continuum with a vision to grow. We are going to launch a pozzible site to gather the remaining final funds and

With Lilly feeding our work into Indesign  – I had been viewing the process on a 30 day trial version of the software, convinced that we would be in the clear by expiry. With zero days remaining I re-applied for a second trial. Needless to say it didn’t work, and with one day to handover I lost sight of our work, literally.  With only Lilly able to see the final document she managed the visuals and patiently talked me through our ongoing edits and layout.  I was able to open Indesign again tonight after a day on the phone with my new friends at Adobe. I saw the magazine we have made. And it is real. I can hardly believe it.

“What’s BIG right now” provides a small space for kids to respond and record current interests,  and future imaginings. What does your child want to be when they grow up?

Sneak peak :

Then: I used to want a horse so much when I was a girl. With all my small town savings I bought a saddle from a farm girl friend. And then I hung it over the arm rest, and over the fence and over anything that would hold it, and I rode. The saddle was enough. I could complete the picture. 
Now: With a trio of children, the ongoing dance, and the BIG pages, I am back in the saddle. Galloping. And holding on. It is a little faster than I had imagined!

on Jul 29, 2011

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