Sneak preview – Introducing our junior feature writer, Zali.

At last we are ready to share some sneak previews of what will be flying in the pages of BIG Kids Magazine. Hurrah! When Zali first answered our BIG invitation with a “Tee Hee!!” of excited response, we knew we had found our junior feature writer. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we are amazed at her efforts in writing her first ‘feature’ article. With a mission to write a tutorial to make it possible for our readers to make their own claymation animation, Zali has delivered a series of step-by-steps that will have BIG kids everywhere making mini-movies of their own (and is sure to get some bigger kids fired up about film-making too!). We hope you enjoy this BIG premiere of Zali’s “Earnest and the Bird”, made in response to our launch theme of “First Flight”. Zali has made other claymations, including the gorgeous   Apple Tree, and has a wonderful artist-mother, Hailey Bartholomew, of the the 365 grateful project,  who took these fabulous photos for us.    

                                          Earnest and the bird. from behappyblythe on Vimeo.

Zali flying her bird for the BIG animation “Earnest and the Bird”
Earnest and clay Earnest

on Jul 12, 2011


  • by Kim H


    Oh how gorgeous! I love these clay models. Zali, you ahve truly inspired my son and I to have some fun with stop motion film making. Thank you, thank you xx

  • by rachel awes


    that vimeo is amazing & inspiring!

  • by toni powell


    She is incredible

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