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An afternoon soiree in our home. A 20 yr old virtuoso who begun playing the cello at three, from a family who play strings. Twyla sat for 2 hours on my lap and listened – her doll dancing on the arm of our shared chair. She whispered in my ear “Do you think I can play my fairy music when this is over?” – she plays fairy music on the high notes and tigers on the low ones. After the concert she takes the stage and plays softly, and then composes a “Pig Song” complete with oinks and snorts. Before she leaves the piano she says to no one in particular “all the notes sing their own songs don’t they”.

on Oct 23, 2011

Lilly was at the launch of Dub…
We have JUSt confrimed the print artist for Treasure Maps amazing!
While Lilly steals moments in the studio like gold toward her exhibition, I hold on to the wild strings of boys on school holidays “well, that was another historic day…” I hear them say to each other when the lights are out.

We complete each others emails, thoughts, processes and each help the other to articulate more clearly in the making of this magazine. And so it seems outside of the magazine as well. 

on Oct 6, 2011

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