Karen Comer

How do you make a map that shows someone how to be brave?
“Mum doesn’t need a treasure map,” scoffed his big brother. “What sort of treasure is she looking for?”
“Us,” said Josh. “She needs to find her way home to us. You know she always gets lost.”
It was true. Mum often lost her way driving in the car and she always had to check the street directory.
Josh gathered his materials for Mum’s treasure map but he wasn’t sure that Mum needed directions. She really needed to find her own courage.
“What are you going to do if you are scared, up there in the basket, high in the sky – without us to hold your hand or tell you which way to go?” said Josh
Mum even looked scared just then. But she took a deep breath, and answered, “I will think of you, and I will know that you are thinking of me, then I will feel brave.”
 Mum had found her map and it always led her back to us.

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The Mother Artist Network – Mary Trunk

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