Part two – ideas for contributing to Game on!

send in your ideas and artwork

– Ask your mum or dad (or your grandparents) to describe their favourite game from when they were children. Ask them questions about how they played it and why they loved it.  Now draw or paint the story of this game from long ago. 

 – Think about being in the most beautiful outdoor place in the world. It can be a real or make believe place but it needs to be outside. Perhaps it is up a tree, near a small creek or at the top of a waterfall. Invent a game made entirely with natural materials. You could use dirt, rain, leaves, flowers, berries, seed pods, pine cones, sticks, stones, sand, waves, shells and anything else you can find. Write the instructions for how to play the game and then illustrate them. 

– Quickly gather up 10 objects from your house without thinking too much about it. A bath towel, wooden spoon, match box car, pen, shoe, teddy bear, empty bottle, dictionary, dustpan, masking tape, paint brush, cereal box or anything else you can find. Now spread the objects out in front of you and invent a game you can play with a grown up. 

– Made a massive board game with chalk on your driveway. Use your own bodies as the pieces for playing. Ask someone to take photos of you playing the game. 
on Apr 22, 2012

Sydney/Perth side by side: The Treasure Pages Rewritten

In this new Sydney/Perth Side by Side series we will chart moments in the BIG magazine making that happen simultaneously on opposite sides of the country. As the BIG work intensifies so our children respond, fire and provoke our creative days. 

SYDNEY: Twyla (age 3) collages draft Treasure pages
into a new map.

PERTH: Nadia (age 2) tracks pathways of imagination to places unpredicted. 
on Apr 8, 2012

Snail Race from lillaa – Dip snails in food colouring before placing them on paper

on Apr 1, 2012

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