The BIG overwhelm, mark 2.


We talk about structure
about scaffolding
about frames to house the overwhelm.
We work as we always have, into the night and beyond. Other things get lost.
We talk about passion and the poetic connection to the work.
We look hard at sustainability.
We think the two can meet.
It is difficult.

We have some very beautiful posts ready to publish from some exacting and brilliant mother artists all over the world.

We are in new direction with design.  Maree is of course still involved as consultant and general support. but we are excited to announce a new collaboration. a deal clinched on the day a new baby was born. We think this is a BIG sign.
We were asked for 950 magazines! We don’t have that many left in stock!
We will do a bigger print run for this issue.
We are going with a new printer.

We discuss one for one. and Lilly will head to Bear Cottage where we will make small inroads into where we want to be. the kind of contribution we want to be making.

Game On! is full steam ahead. June 1st is dealing for contributions so fly your visions of play to us pronto.

on May 15, 2012

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