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Christine McCombe The Music of Motherhood in the Age 

It is an irony that is not lost on many mothers; how, as the child’s world grows, they find their own shrinking; while their offspring lose themselves in a timeless universe, their parents become more harried and scheduled. Creativity can become so dried up that a spark of imagination is mistaken for madness. Kathy Evans

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Her blog Spaces Between about creating things and the spaces between creating things. 


Frontliners is a project that documents what happens to passions and homes when a child arrives in the mix. By photographer Kata Varga and writer and stylist Natalie Walton, we particularly love the series on Emma Magenta as we are currently working with her on something special for Issue 4 – Into The Dark. 

 Frontliners – image from the house of Emma Magenta 

on Nov 9, 2012

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