Our new BIG house

Welcome to our new BIG house!

It has been quite a (l o n g) journey to gather, pack and move all of our BIG belongings and we are so excited to finally arrive here on site.

The longest drive was in the creation of the BIG GALLERY  – undoubtedly one of our favourtie pages. (Warning…you will most likely get as lost in the creative worlds of our incredible artists as we did)

Today we will be side by side in Perth to celebrate the release of Issue 4 – Into the Dark at our first ever live launch event – 4.30pm at Chrissie Parrott Arts…if you are in the West, please join us alongside artists working in process, a danced duet, a responsive piano score and a reading from the dark!

To celebrate the launch, and for all those who have been asking- we are excited to announce a new distribution partnership in Singapore and Malaysia through the gorgeous Woods In The Books, Hurrah!  Contact Shannon.

For every magazine sold at the launch and online today we will donate a copy to Radio Lollipop with the support of Milk and Bookies.

We are also excited to announce the release of a new limited edition artist book called Accidental Monsters. A co-authored passion project created by us in response to the theme Into the Dark.


….and now for some sleep….

but not before we raise our glasses and celebrate.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support this BIG project…xxx


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on Jun 6, 2013


  • by Maree


    Congratulations Lilly & Jo and the BIG kids on another fabulous issue!

  • by Annick


    I’m just discovering your blog and magazine! I’m amazed!! Will come back often!!

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