A BIG launch and recovery!

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Photos by Eva Fernandez

The last month has seen the culmination of so many BIG projects and an acknowledgement between us of the sheer volume of WORK shared. A wonderful live launch – our first ever – featured performances by kids and artists, mini-workshops and collaborative artworks-in-process. The BIG celebratory event coincided with the mailout of Issue 4, the launch of this new website and the release of our first limited edition artist book. Phew! Lilly spent weeks single handedly uploading all of the content and every image into our new BIG house site and has been so patient with me as I slowly embrace the new blog format. Thank you Lilly, your vision, perseverance and partnership makes entering this next chapter of our online story both possible and incredibly exciting.


Jo, Luca, Lilly mid-launch     Photo: Eva Fernandez

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Artist Emma Fishwick builds her BIG street of dark houses         Photo: Eva Fernandez

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Sam Fox and Makaela mid contemporary dance duet    Photo: Eva Fernandez

From this collective sigh, and following a small breath taken in both Perth and in Sydney, we now have some fab review posts lined up, a MAN festival in waiting, and Artist and Child collaborations to share with you. Oh, and a new magazine to make – with an apt theme of beginning and renewal- Seed To Sky.You can support us by spreading the word and subscribing here. And for those who have found their way Into the Dark – we would love to hear about your favourite pages!



on Jul 9, 2013

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