Submission deadline! Seed To Sky

We are currently in the midst of catching and collating all of the contributions flying in for Issue 5 – Seed To Sky and would love yours to be in the mix.  The deadline is Tuesday July 30th at midnight- in whichever time zone you are in around the world ;) Just email your work with your name, location and age (if work by a child) to See details here. To all those who have already sent submissions -thank you so much, we LOVE them and you will hear from us soon if not already! As the feel of this issue begins to emerge, the pages are planted in what is not yet born but at the same time as old as the sky. For us this precipice is the most exciting and beautiful time of creative exchange, response, questioning, and growing together toward the first sketch of the pagination. Sapling state of a new issue….Seed To Sky…

Collaboration by Alex Falkiner and Max, age 9, Australia
Collaboration by Alex Falkiner and Max, age 9, Australia
Gidon, age 9, Sydney, Australia
“What inspired me to make this piece of art is that I was in a park watching my sisters touch footy game when suddenly I saw a massive tree with acorns dropping from everywhere so i decided to make a piece of art . I started of with a brown square with four brown acorns then i made a green acorn circle around the square . I kept on going circle after circle and eventually it looked like this”. Gidon, age 9, Sydney, Australia
on Jul 18, 2013

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