BIG Wrap 2013

The year began with a titanic edged balcony scene and continued with an intense momentum framed by our successful grant from the WA Department of Culture and the Arts to build our website and make possible our first ever live BIG launch in Perth.  We made two magazines, completed our first commission for the Sydney Opera House “Kids at the House’ program, took on a new designer for SEED to SKY, published our first artist book, celebrated  birthdays including a momentous 40th, premiered new work and commissions, began new jobs, and parented 4 children between us.

We still work on BIG in midnight hours (and most days) and  it is still a roller-coaster partnership of magazine-making, away trips, mothering, working as artists and lecturers, managing BAS returns, mailouts, partnership legalities, mislaid subscriptions, media liaison, interviews, reviews, international collaborations, curation and creation of Into The Dark and SEED to SKY,  responding to countless emails, and dreaming of a BIG future.

The littlest BIG girls are now 4 and 5 yrs. which seems incredible considering the youngest was not even one when we first began.

It was a huge 2013 and we will see in the New Year together reflecting on the pages printed and marks made as well as looking to 2014 with even bigger  hearts.

First ever image of Grumpilina and Grumpilotta

First ever image of Grumpilina and Grumpilotta, Lilly Blue and Jo Pollitt, 2011

on Dec 30, 2013

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