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 Screenshot 2014-02-13 16.42.47“About love, and understanding, and tolerating – not to withdraw from the different, because the different is us” Gian Berto Vanni

We received  a lovely email the other day from Pablo Curti telling us the romantic tale of a book brought differently to life 60 years after it was created. Love, the app is an adaptation of the beautifully visioned book LOVE, about tolerance and understanding, published in 1964 by Italian artist Gian Berto Vanni. Originally called The ugly little girl the concept was inspired by the dedication in a book by Paul Klee. When Pablo’s boutique storytelling studio NIÑO transformed the printed pages into an app Vanni felt they had translated into movement the kind of physicality  he had originally imagined.

50 years after the original book was published 86 year old Vanni has been in charge of curation of the Love, the app and says the colours are better realised than they were in the initial print run. The editing process of the app clearly brought to life the original work  which Vanni created in three days from cover to cover with unique (in its day) paper-cuts and peepholes. Vanni was considered one of the first illustrators to experiment with animated storytelling and it is incredible to see his vision realised for a new generation half a lifetime later. You can watch a sweet trailer of  love, the app here, and buy it here. Beautiful.

Happy Valentines Day xx

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on Feb 14, 2014

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