Our BIG day at the MCA

We are so excited to share here the success of both the Mother Artist Forum and the launch of Patterns and Pathways at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday. Phew!

Powerpoint screen crashes at midnight, a suitcase that missed the plane from Perth, sick kids, a storm and an earache…and STILL we made it into the loading dock of the MCA before 9am. And so the very BIG day began and we didn’t draw breath until back at the airport that evening.

Mother Artist Forum gets underway

Mother Artist Forum gets underway

Thank fully the support from the MCA, and our friends and family was incredible. MCA children’s learning co-ordinator Susie acted as grand conductor of the day and enabled us to focus solely on the set up and running of our events. The MCA store wonderfully set up a BIG display and hosted our book signing. Chrissie, Georgia and the AV team were a dream and our panelists Emma Magenta and Emma Gale brilliantly matched the mood bringing gifts of humour and musli in brown paper bags. Our copy editor Karen Cormer, who we met for the very first time after almost 3 years of working, was set immediately to task as were the inspired Pied Piper duet of Rose and Jem, official photographer Nathan, and single hand support team Merrin. The audiences for both events were SO wonderfully engaged and we loved hearingĀ and seeing pictures of all the chalk patterns created by children on their post launch pathways home .

holding up our patterns drawn with eyes closed

Holding up our patterns drawn with eyes closed during the launch

Highlights included giving out of artist prints by Lilly to artist mother’s of babies under 12months and the joy from those receiving them.

Meeting copy editor Karen Cormer for the first time and so many wonderful contributors and online friends

Twyla’s first public speaking assignment in the official launching of Issue 6 and cutting of a red ribbon held by us

Our cover artists meeting for the first time

Emma Magenta’s alter ego

Hearing women speak about their stories

Watching the tangle of coloured string creating collaborative audience patterns in the air

The feeling in the theatre

Meeting so many kids, grown-ups and artists at the book signing

Signing the mags outside the MCA store where we once dreamed of being stocked!

Screenshot 2014-05-27 22.55.18

Entering the launch balancing BIG on our heads!

In the breath between the Mother Artist Forum and the Launch

Jo and Lilly in the breath between the Mother Artist Forum and the Launch


Lilly shares the reality of her ‘studio’ during the mother artist forum where ideas of amplified creativity and the compression of time and focus were highlighted

Screenshot 2014-05-27 22.39.21

Book signing outside the MCA store

Screenshot 2014-05-27 22.47.42

discussing the impact of collaborative art practice with children

Lilly and Jo signing outside the MCA store

Lilly and Jo signing outside the MCA store

on May 29, 2014

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