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A BIG goodbye from ‘senior’ ed Luca

Luca farewell gift

Luca and his BIG thank you gift

Luca has been the ‘senior’ ed of BIG Kids Magazine since Issue 1 – First Flight. He was deeply in the dreaming of this project before it was BIG and has written the editors letter, workshopped themes, drafted ideas, supported us with honest and critical feedback for SIX issues. He was 8 when he began – making his first major editors call when he pushed us to choose a different image on the webpage animation – the one it turned out everybody loved! Since then he has watched BIG grow from ideas scribbled on a midnight page to MANY pages featuring (published!) ideas that fly all over the world. Quite a wonder. Quite a journey. He is now 11 years old and after his first school camp is careering fast to the end of primary school. He hands the reigns to Twyla, who at age almost 6, feels the perfect fit to launch with Issue 7 – Tiny Worlds:

It has a been an honor to be the senior editor of BIG Kids Magazine for so many issues. I have loved helping to develop each theme and idea. I want to thank my mum Jo and also Lilly for making the magazine and I hope it keeps going on and on and on. I feel ready to follow other interests as I get ready to start highshcool next year.  The tiny thing in my world at the moment is a baby chick called Kenny, I also have a gem collection and would love to see baby turtles one day. I wish Twyla goodluck for the next issues – especially Tiny Worlds which we workshopped together – and I can’t wait to see it.

Peace Dudes,


BIG Kids workshopping tiny worlds Jan 2014. Luca, age 10, Sacha age 8, Twyla, age 5 & Nadia, age 4.

BIG Kids workshopping tiny worlds in Jan 2014. Luca, age 10, Sacha age 8, Twyla, age 5 & Nadia, age 4.

tiny houses by Sacha, age 7.

tiny houses by Luca’s brother Sacha, age 7.


Nadia and Kenny

Luca’s sister Nadia and Kenny

Nadia portrait of kenny

Portrait of Kenny by Nadia, age 4

on Aug 11, 2014