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Drawn to Seeing

It is rare to walk into an activity space for children that feels more like a curious interactive living museum than a classroom. We are always looking on the look out for process based workshops that invite immediate open-ended response and support children to discover their own unique visual language within considered parameters. We were thrilled to have one of the BIG kids invited to a Drawn to Seeing Birds and Bugs workshop at Stirrup Gallery in Sydney today because it was all of these things and more! The facilitators (Robyn and Angela) are both artists, educators and mothers with a particular interest in science and  nature. Their warmth, and passion for art and teaching were palpable and they engaged with the children as art students giving them and their work enormous respect. The rare balance of playfulness, rigour, experimentation and skill was clear and the children were able to explore process deeply as well as create unique works of art that were visually unusual and beautiful. There are still a few spots left in next weeks Drawn to Seeing Holiday Workshops!


Curious lines and a beautiful attention to detail.


Exquisite Corpse Mixed Up Animal Menagerie.


Graphite rubbings on a table of textures.

on Apr 8, 2015