Stormie Mills


Stormie Mills began as a street artist and now creates worlds of shuffling characters across the walls and pages of the world. Stormie  and Max’s collaboration was formed through a friendship they developed after meeting at an art exhibition. The idea for the cover came from Max’s love of model planes. This reminded Stormie and Max of the games played by children with their arms outstretched, running around pretending to fly. The design for the cover includes actual images of Max’s models suspended above and surrounding the drawing of the flying Bunnyman.

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BIG583_Issue 3_FA_low res spreads5
BIG583_Issue 3_FA_low res spreads6

Working image of cover collaboration by Stormie and Max

Stormie Mills & Max, age 13

Stormie Mills & Max, age 13. Game On! cover

Spread from Issue 3 - Game On!

Spread from Issue 3 - Game On!