Issue 5 SEED to SKY

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Sneak peek of SEED to SKY


Cover Artists: Rose Skinner, Neo, age 8 & Felix, age 6

Child Artist Response Project: Netta, age 7 & Unchalee Anantawat

Contribution: Jasper, age 6 & Marina, age 4

Storybook: Jo Pollitt and Lilly Blue

Seedsky Community Garden: Clare Rose Trevelyan, Jen Hampstead & Charlie, age 4

We invited children and artists to paint a page filled with the colour of forest greens OR photograph a tangle of vines OR draw an undiscovered garden made out of steel and string OR stitch a ladder to the sky OR make a recycled artwork OR invent a new flower OR design an intricate underground water saving system OR construct a treehouse OR sketch a city made entirely of windows OR film a dance in the dirt OR script a play about a colony of tiny creatures OR pen a poem on a leaf. Or respond to the theme SEED to SKY in their own way.