Issue 6 – Patterns and Pathways

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Sneak Peek of Issue 6 – Patterns and Pathways.

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 Patterns and Pathways is about looking at a silver web from an unexpected angle, collecting leaves in a row so that they become a strange kind of sentence, travelling on the cracks in the pavement and noticing the repeated triangles in a wire fence.

repetition, symbols, sequences, music, maths, mantras, poetry, codes, choreography, arteries, accumulation, and aerial views.

We invited children and artists to: Paint a page of tiny lines / photograph patterns in nature / stitch little red pathways on found fabric / invent a code / draw thousands of tiny circles on a poster / compose a Haiku / create a matrix of secret tunnels / design wrapping paper by repeating your favourite object / record the rhythm of your walking feet /make marks with chalk for every second you have to wait for something / look through a microscope and draw what you see / make a maze with your eyes closed / choreograph a dance with only six moves / write instructions for how to get lost.